The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has created online training related to sound fuels and vegetation management practices in the sagebrush-steppe. The training materials target fuels and vegetation managers facing issues related to wildfires, Greater Sage-Grouse (GRSG) habitat loss, trends in invasive, non-native vegetation, and other threats. The broad goal of this training is to contribute to a comprehensive knowledge transfer program to enhance the fuels management program’s role in sagebrush-steppe management (DOI Secretarial Order 3336 Section 7.b.iii Action Item #5).

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The Successful Vegetation Management Practices in the Sagebrush-Steppe course aims to:

  • Clearly articulate the fire, fuels, and vegetation issues which threaten GRSG
  • Capture and include videos from the best GRSG and sagebrush scientists
  • Describe management opportunities for vegetation and fuels managers which address these threats
  • Provide guidance on desired and undesired practices relative to GRSG habitat needs
  • Showcase “what works” in the form of success stories
  • Synthesize current science into practical guidance